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Student internship placements are a vital component of your college experience. A successful student internship has the ability to open doors and place you in the room with people who have the ability to alter your entire career path. Recent studies have shown that 70% of companies do offer full-time jobs to interns and more than half of those interns earn full-time employment from their internships. Furthermore, 43% of those who graduate from college are underemployed in their first jobs.

These numbers stand out for two reasons.

  1. Internships are still an incredibly powerful tool for both businesses and individuals.
  2. There is still a gap between college graduates and first-time employees in terms of on-the-job preparedness.

Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be!

If your experience with internships resembles a frustrating revolving door of favors from friends and family or unsuccessful outreach opportunities, Maistro Mentor is the answer to your problem! Read below on how to get started with Maistro Match and find an internship that allows you to learn and grow!

How It Works:

  1. Complete Maistro Match Certification through Maistro-U.
  2. Apply for Maistro Match and fill out a survey.
  3. Interview with Maistro.
  4. Within 4 weeks, get notified if we have a match.
  5. Complete paperwork for MM placement.
  6. Begin the internship you’ve been looking for!

The benefits of working with Maistro Match to find an internship placement are numerous! Maistro will work diligently to find a company that matches your style of company culture, pace, and learning outcomes. Our Host Businesses are just as invested in finding a great match so the benefits are mutual. Tired of picking up coffees and dry-cleaning while counting the hours until your shift is over?

Make a move with Maistro Mentor and find a placement that makes an impact and an opportunity to truly launch your career. Ready to blast off?

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*Includes one-time, non-refundable application fee of $50 and one-time, placement fee of $250. You will be promptly reimbursed $250 if you do not secure a placement.

Employment after placement term is not guaranteed. The company may or may not move to hire after the term depending on business budgets, needs, and/or performance.

Contact Anna-Vija with questions and to sign up for the program!

p: (615) 348-7768