Looking at Hiring College Students and Don’t Know How to Help Them Grow?

Hiring talented new employees can help your company grow. Young employees, in particular, often bring fresh perspectives, new skills, and lots of creative energy to the businesses they join. You may be working towards hiring college students in your business, so today, we’re going to talk about some ways to attract that fresh talent and help them grow and develop.

What Are Some Ways To Attract Young Talent To My Company?

  • Offer Opportunites For Growth. Many college grads are eager to start working to build their careers quickly; they want to know you’ll help them progress.
  • Provide Development Stipends. Offering to pay for professional development is a great way to attract young talent looking to grow and expand their skill set.
  • Offer An Internship Program. Invest in an internship program within your company. You will not only find talented college students who are eager for experience, but you will also help them hone their skills and prepare them for full-time positions within your growing business.

How Can I Help My College Student Team Members Grow? 

Once your young talent is on board, you want them to improve their skills and become a more excellent asset to your company. You will retain them longer, and they will be happier while they are with you! Help them grow by:

  • Set Clear Expectations. Your young talent will want to know what you expect and what your company culture is all about.
  • Provide Collaboration Opportunities. Give them projects that will require them to work with other team members so that they can glean knowledge from your tenured staff. Your young talent will pick up tricks of the trade while becoming a vital part of the team. 
  • Teach Conflict Resolution. Your college grad or intern probably has had minimal opportunity to work with adults for any length of time and may need assistance in working out conflict. You want your new hire to be a team player – an essential facet of that ability. 
  • Provide Ongoing Feedback. Everyone likes to know how they are doing, and your college-age employee or intern is no different. Ongoing feedback will provide your young talent with helpful tips and encouragement to keep them motivated. 

Growing your business is about so much more than numbers. It’s about people. Our team of experts here at Maistro Mentor can help you find the very best people out there and work with you to nurture their growth and development. Contact us today to learn more about hiring college students for your growing business!

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