Does Your Company Need An Intern?

Hiring an Intern

Is your wish list of new business initiatives growing, yet you find your team struggling to keep up? If the answer is yes, an intern may be an excellent solution that will allow your team to focus on the items only they can do.

Now let’s talk about some of the benefits of hosting an intern!

What Does An Intern Bring To The Table?

Openness to Learning. 

Interns are ready and eager to learn things that may be tedious or even arduous for your existing team members. Your staff already knows how to complete these tasks and could easily share that knowledge with someone new. Sharing their knowledge will encourage your team to focus on what they are passionate about and uniquely qualified for, while your intern will receive a jump-start to real-life applications they would never learn in a classroom.

Fresh Perspective.

You can receive surprising inspiration by drawing perspectives from anyone outside your industry, team, or day-to-day operations, and your interns will be no exception. Bringing in students who haven’t seen your daily operations behind the scenes allows you to get a perspective that is not tainted with “the way things are.” Interns will have a fresh perspective of your business, strategies, and plans. Attending brainstorming sessions is often a favorite among interns, so make sure they’re included and encouraged to share their thoughts!

Enhance Your Digital Strategy.

Let’s face it – each generation brings with it greater tech-savvy and unique digital approaches than the previous one. Involve your interns in your digital strategy and ask for their feedback. These interactions will provide your interns with the opportunity to incorporate what they know about the web, social media, and the digital world into their internship, which will directly benefit your company’s digital presence.

Fresh Energy.

Interns are full of life, eager to learn, and want to prove themselves and explore new things. They bring tremendous power to the culture of any company because of these attributes, revitalizing teams! 

Entry-Level Hires.

Why not engage young people as interns, teach them your business and how your company runs, and then hire them when they graduate college? An internship is an excellent opportunity for you to test out this new working relationship and vice versa. You will also save yourself the cost of training a new hire. 

We’ve covered the benefits; now, let’s talk about the hurdle that often keeps businesses from taking on an intern: a lack of time.

Your company will get the most from having an intern if you create a structured program and provide your interns with the support they need to be successful. The more resources your company is willing to put toward the internship program, the better it will be, but sometimes there just simply isn’t time. Keep reading for more information on how Maistro Mentor can help.

How Do I Find The Right Fit For My Company? 

We’re glad you asked! Maistro Mentor is here to help match you with the right intern for your organization. Once you have been matched with your candidate, we will help you manage your new-found talent by:

  • Regular check-ins with your business and your intern to support opportunities for feedback and growth  
  • Assist you in setting up a solid and successful mentorship program
  • Helping you create a structured plan for effective communication and execution of the deliverables needed
  • Building healthy interpersonal business relationships across generations within the Nashville business community

One of our main goals is to bring business owners and college students together to make vital industry connections that last!

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