Host Certification Program

get fresh

work with eager
young talent

shape the future
of your workplace

Looking to find an intern that not only fills an extra chair but can gain valuable experience from your company? When we match you to your intern, we’ll certify you AND your Intern to communicate effectively, work efficiently, and scale your projects to truly help your business. Our team will facilitate your hiring process and stick around through the full 12-week term to support you both which has proven to be a successful process!

Here’s Why It Works:

It’s true that businesses want interns that offer original insight, add value to workplace operations, maintain respect for culture and values, and strive for growth.

However, actually finding a student that checks all those boxes can feel like a full-time job in itself.

That’s where Maistro Match to Host an Intern comes in handy

One of the benefits of being a Maistro Match Host is that you’ll gain an eager young worker with equal interest in improving your business as well as improving their professional know-how. Designed to be a mutually beneficial experience, Hosts empower interns, do better business, and offer valuable insights to our students who are the next group of people to go into the workplace.

Pick Your Plan

Maistro Match – Introductory

Want to pay up-front?
Pay $1300 up-front for $100 off!

Maistro Match – Pro

Want to pay up-front?
Pay $3975 up-front for $185 off!

Interns and Host companies are given the option to be placed together again based on availability. If a Host should choose to hire an Intern directly, terms and conditions apply.

Contact Anna-Vija with questions and to sign up for the program!

p: (615) 348-7768