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We were motivated to start this program, because these days, a frustrating system is often born out of college students being pressured to land the perfect internship and business owners not being able to find fresh, qualified talent to help build their business. After noticing this pattern in the corporate landscape, we wanted to start Maistro Mentor to personalize the internship experience on both the intern and business sides.

After testing the program for a year, we found that Maistro Mentor has been proven effective with a 100% host “return” rate and over 50 interns placed!

Going forward, it is our mission to bridge the gap between qualified talent and the businesses that need them.

We are committed to being a resource that both students and businesses can rely on with course development catered to interns for professional development and businesses for process optimization. Through these programs, both parties will be able to create meaningful connections which leads to greater value that goes beyond the work setting.

Become A Host

Want to know how to conduct an internship that will create value for your business? Looking to create meaningful connections with a mentee? Apply to host one of our top-notch interns and conduct an internship that is mutually beneficial.

Maistro U

Our online courses prepare students AND businesses for success! From professional email writing and interview prep to systems creation, intern development planning and everything in between, learn more about how our online courses can benefit you!


Become An Intern

Are you a college student looking to gain more professional experience but don’t know where to start? It may be daunting to start thinking about your career, but it’s never too early to start. Rise to the occasion to better your future and find an internship that is tailored to your interests by applying to be an intern now!